Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to Install a Camco model 57521 sway control on a trailer

     I mounted a Camco sway control on my camper when I began to worry about instability on the expressway. Every time a semi tractor trailer passed it seemed as though my truck and trailer could go their own separate ways. I bought a Camco model 57521 sway control. I installed it myself at an RV park.
                                                            The job at a glance
  • Tools: Electric drill, tape measure, a set of drill bits, including a 11/32 drill bit, center punch, 9/16" socket and ratchet or wrench, 15/16" socket or wrench.
  • Materials: Camco Model 57521 sway control. 
  • Cost of materials: $67.21 from a Texas RV dealer. 
  • Cost of professional install: $40
  • Time for home mechanic to install: 1.5hrs
1) Measure 24 inches from the center of the receiver for the hitch ball and make a  mark on the trailer tongue.

2) Align the center of the ball on the ball plate with the 24" mark you made on the trailer tongue. 
3) Carefully mark the upper left corner hole while holding the centered plate in place. 
4) Check for wires in the channel behind the place to be drilled. Remove or move them before drilling. Drill this hole with a smaller bit or bits first and then the 11/32" bit.
5) Put the plate back on and turn in one of the self tapping bolts just enough to hold the plate up.
6) Put a level on the plate and when level mark the opposite corner hole. Center tap the hole. 
7) Remove the plate and drill the hole. 
8) Remount the plate and if it looks right, mark, tap and drill the rest of the holes. 
9) Mount the plate and snug up all six self-tapping bolts. 
10) Mount the small ball on the truck hitch with the included lock washer and torque to 100 ft lbs or good and tight, like a wheel lug nut. 
The small chrome ball goes on the hitch. Torque to 100 ft lbs.

                                                     Using the Sway Control

1) Hitch up the trailer to the truck and mount the weight distribution hitch, if applicable.
2) Loosen the sway control by turning the adjusting lever counter-clockwise. 
3) Put the sway control on the two little balls. 

4) Put the locking pins in place on both ends of the control.

5) Tighten the lever by turning clockwise until it bottoms out on the threads. Be careful not to over tighten. On sharp turns something will give, even going forward,  if it is too tight. 

    The Camco sway control worked well for me. I noticed far less effect from heavy vehicles or wind. 
Note: I always remove the sway control when backing. I was told it could be damaged if used then. 


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