Sunday, October 13, 2013

How to replace the air filter on a 2000 3.0L Dodge Caravan

                                                 Replacing an air filter
    Replacing an air filter is a simple home mechanic maintenance job. It should be changed about once per year or every 12,000 miles for fuel economy and engine health.

The job at a glance

 Tools: a screw driver or nut driver, depending on the vehicle. Many require no tools at all.
 Materials: air filter
 Cost of materials: $5-15  $10 on average
 Shop cost for the job: usually included with other services such as a tune up or oil change.
 Savings per job : NA
 Time to complete: 5-15 minutes

                      Replacing the air filter on a 2000 3.0 L Dodge Caravan
            Replacing the air filter on this engine, like many jobs, is more difficult than most.
1) Remove the two 10mm bolts holding down the upper air intake assembly just above the radiator.

2) Use a long straight blade screwdriver or a nut driver to loosen the hose clamp on the 3” wide air hose under the upper air intake.

3) Use the same tool to loosen the hose clamp where the upper air intake hose meets the engine air intake plenum.
4) Remove the upper air intake assembly.

5) With your fingers unclamp the two self-storing clamps on the firewall side of the air filter housing.

6) Remove the old filter.

1) Install the new air filter. Fram CA 3660.
2) Seat the slots on the radiator side of the filter housing cover in the two tongues on the housing body. Pivot the cover closed and clamp the with the self-storing clamps on the firewall side.
3) Seat the lower hose of the air intake assembly over the fitting on the filter housing by pushing down and twisting a bit. Fit the other end of the assembly back on the air intake plenum.
4) Tighten the clamps.
5) Install the 10mm bolts for the upper air intake assembly.



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