Saturday, February 1, 2014

How to fix a clogged Mr. Coffee JWX31 coffee maker

    My two year old Mr. Coffee coffee maker was taking forty minutes to brew a pot of coffee. I'm a patient man but this is ridiculous. I had to bring in an ancient coffee-maker from the camper to stand in while I tore this thing apart to see what's going on. How old is my back-up? It's so old that was made in the USA.  If you're thinking:  "Why bother trying to fix it? Just go buy a new one." Well, I just love to tear stuff apart and try to fix it.
1) Remove the bottom. Four of the screws on this one have standard philips heads and two are "security screws." What exactly are they trying to protect us from in a coffee maker? The small nipple in the middle of the screw head can be rather easily defeated by an ordinary small screwdriver.

Defeat the security screw with a small straight blade jeweler's screwdriver

2) With the bottom off, remove the clamps holding the two water hoses. Inspect them for clogging. Mine were fine. The incoming hose has a check valve in it. Water will only flow one way, into the heater. Run some tap water through it to see that is freely allowing water to pass into the heater.
There is a check valve in the inlet (cold water) tubing
3) My heater tubing was nearly plugged  near the outlet end. I first tried to remove these deposits with my screwdriver and various picks and probing tools. I had little success.

View of the end of the nearly plugged water heater

4) Remove the bracket holding the heater to the pot plate and stand it up vertically. The wiring can stay intact. With it standing on end pour some straight vinegar in there and let it stand  for a long time. I mean like a week. Drain it and do it again until the channel looks clean.

Pouring straight vinegar into the heating channel

5) Try it out. My coffee maker is now brewing a pot in 8-10 minutes which I consider to be acceptable.


  1. How do you take the top apart to get to the controls

    1. It seems to me that there were some screws on the underside of the top that had to be removed. I don't have the coffee-maker anymore, though.

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