Thursday, May 14, 2015

How to fix an upper agitator failure on a Kenmore or Whirlpool washer

  The top of the agitator on a Kenmore 70 series washer made by Whirlpool is supposed to turn around 360 degrees as the lower agitator cycles back and forth. It doesn't turn at all. This is a simple repair for a home mechanic.


1) Pry of the top cover with a straight blade screwdriver.

The "dog agit" 

2) Remove the 7/16” bolt holding the upper agitator to the lower with a ratchet and 6 inch extension. Hold the lower agitator to get it started.
3) Pull out the upper agitator.
4) With the agitator upside down on the work surface, remove the thin plastic bushing holding the "agits" in place.

Remove the retaining ring and agits simply lift out

5) One by one remove the worn out agits and replace with the new ones.

simple and cheap. These cost $3.20


1) Align the ring back over the upper agitator and push down until it is all the way over the agits.
2) Slip the upper agitator back over the lower until it seats.
3) Holding the lower agitator, bolt it back on. Don’t overdo the torque.
4) Replace the agitator top cover.
5) Test it (do not need a load of laundry to do it) It will lock when turned counter-clockwise. It will turn freely in the clockwise direction.



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  4. I have my agitator out of my Kenmore heavy duty washer 70 series. I cannot separate the top agitator from the bottom. Why? Looks easy to do on your video. Mine will not. What to do??????

  5. How do I separate the two parts of the agitator? I've watched many videos and it looks like it just pops off but I can't get it to separate. We took the entire agitator out in one piece.