Saturday, March 12, 2016

How to desolder a subborn component with a simple solder sucker

     The output relay was bad on an Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC. Desoldering braid wasn't pulling off enough solder, Desoldering on a plated through circuit board, like this one, was going to require a vacuum removal tool. I happen to have a useful and inexpensive "solder sucker." This post will cover how to use this tool to remove a stubborn component.

                                                                  The job at a glance
  • Tools: Spring loaded vacuum de-soldering tool (the solder sucker),  
  • Materials: general purpose solder, de-soldering braid
  • Parts: replacement relay  
  • Cost of parts: $2.49
  • Time: 20 minutes
1) Mark the solder points on the faulty component.

Bad relay identified and ready for replacement

2) Heat up the soldering iron. When heated clean the tip with a damp sponge and tin the tip with fresh solder.

3) Have the loaded solder sucker at the ready in one hand, while heating the solder connection until the solder is molten.

4) Remove the iron and as quickly as possible place the solder sucker squarely over the connection. Press the release on the tool. Extract the pellet of solder from the tool to check if the operation was successful. Not all are. Repeat till the pin on the component is free of the board. Some of the solder can be removed with solder braid.

Have the solder sucker at the ready...

5) Repeat on the other soldered legs of the component.

6) Remove the component

7) Install the replacement relay

8) Test



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