Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How to replace a headlight bulb in a Chevy Cobalt or Pontiac G6

     A burned out headlamp bulb is usually no problem to change in most vehicles. The Cobalt and G6 though, are more difficult than many to change. The modular headlamp assembly must be pulled out to change them.

                                                                      The job at a glance
  • Tools: 10mm socket or wrench, small pry tool  
  • Materials: none
  • Parts: Replacement headlamps(2) 9007    
  • Cost of parts: Lamps $12.97
  • Time: 15 minutes (each side)

1) Pop and raise the hood.
2) Remove two 10mm headlamp mounting bolts

3) Pop out a panel fastener
4) With your fingers in the space between the right corner of the headlamp and the body panel, pry the lamp assembly forward and out of the car.

Pry the assembly out away from the body panels

5) Remove the plug by pulling upward on the locking tab.
6) Turn the lock ring counterclockwise to remove.

Rotate the lock ring to free the bulb

7) The bulb can now be pulled out


1) Install the new 9007 bulb in the lamp module.
2) Turn in the locking ring in a clockwise direction until it locks into position.
3) Plug in the electrical connector.
4) Seat the module, fitting the two guides into the mounting slots underneath the installation point.

These guides fit into...

...these slots

5) Push module into the final position
6) Re-attach the panel fastener and two 10mm bolts
7) Repeat on the other side and test



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