Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to fix a cracked refrigerator shelf with a zip-tie repair

   When two parts of a machine or tool come apart, tie wraps can be effectively used to hold them together again. Here's an example of  a repair on a cracked refrigerator door shelf.
Over the years this crack developed in the door shelf

Drill a hole in the top of the divider

Drill a hole under the shelf

Feed the tie wrap through from the bottom and tighten

The Finished job

  Sometimes two or more tie wraps are needed to reattach a part. A drill chuck key is a good example. It's always handy to have the key on the drill power cord. It's almost inevitable, though, that the original rubber holder will one day fall off. Put a tie wrap around the cord. Before tightening it,  feed a second tie though the opening and around the chuck key. Cinch the chuck key tie wrap real tight. Leave a little play around the one on the cord so the key can slide up and down the cord a bit.

It's been on there for years

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  1. My only hesitation with the zip tip is its durability. I'm not sure how long they would last under certain conditions. It seems like they would break if you put too much weight on the shelf. What are your views on this concern? http://www.pacrefrigeration.com.au

    1. I made this repair about three years ago and it's still holding up. I used a fairly heavy duty zip tie for the very reason you are addressing. With gallon jugs of milk on there, it has to be strong. Thanks for looking at the post and commenting!

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