Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How do you put a draw-string back in a hoodie?

    Ever pull a favorite hoodie out of the dryer and find the string has come out of the hood? I have a simple and quick way to get it back in there.

This happens all too often

Get a hold of a wire  hanger or any piece of wire at least two feet long. Bend the hanger so that you have a two foot long straight section. 

Straighten this out

Now pull the string the rest of the way out and tape one end securely to the wire. Wind enough tape around the leading end to make a rounded ball. This will help it to push through more easily.  Now insert the wire with the string attached into the draw-string channel in the hoodie fabric. 

Insert the wire with string attached into the string tunnel

Push the wire through, detach the string and you're done

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