Sunday, May 19, 2013

How to replace audio jack assembly 160GB IPOD classic Model A1238

   Only one audio channel was working on this IPOD Model A1238. The music player has to come apart.
The bad news is that there aren't any screws to simply remove. It's a very tight snap fit, designed to be sleek and sexy, not to be taken apart easily. The good news is, we can get this apart anyway and fix it.
   Here is an excellent You Tube video on opening an Ipod Classic.
   Once apart note that there are just 4 parts in there. One is the audio jack/hold switch assembly. Two is the battery. Three is the hard drive and four is the screen and thumbwheel and associated electronics.
   To get at the audio jack/hold switch assembly, first remove the piece of black tape holding down the flexible circuit boards. Then unplug and remove the battery. Pry up on the battery, it is stuck to the back panel with double stick tape.
Lift the battery up and out of the way 

   Now the bad audio jack assembly can be removed. Disconnect the flexible wiring harness from the main circuit board with by pulling up on the locking connector with a dental pick or some such tool. Now remove  four tiny tiny tiny tiny screws that will need to be turned out with a micro phillips jeweler's screwdriver. Put these tiny screws on a piece of Scotch tape or somewhere else to secure them.

Unplug the wiring harness by carefully lifting up on the locking lever


    1) Mount the new jack assembly with the four tiny screws. This is tricky, so do it over a bench top so you don't wind up on your hands and knees looking for a dropped screw.
    2) Put the piece of black tape back in place on the flexible board.
    3) Plug the flexible connector back into the main board.
    4) Mount the battery. Don't plug it in yet.
    6) Flip the hard drive 180 degrees back into position.
    7) Plug the battery back in.
    8) Snap the music player back together.


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