Monday, May 20, 2013

How to replace the battery in a 160GB IPOD classic Model A1238

     The music player has to come apart. The bad news is that there aren't any screws. It's a very tight snap fit, designed to be sleek and sexy, not to be taken apart easily. The good news is, we can get this apart anyway and replace the battery.
     Here is a link to an excellent You Tube video on opening an Ipod classic.
     Once apart note that there are just 4 parts in there. One is the audio jack/hold switch assembly. Two is the battery. Three is the hard drive and four is the screen and thumbwheel and associated electronics. The battery is connected to the main electronics pack with a flexible circuit that plugs into a little black clamping connector. Use a small fine tool (I use a dental pick) to gently pry up on that black clamp till it disengages and the flex circuit can be removed. See below.

Disconnecting the battery from the main board.

Now the two halves of the Ipod can be set side by side on the work surface.This will allow us to remove the worn out battery.

    Pry up on the battery. There is double-stick tape holding it down. Put the new battery in place and connect the flexible wiring harness into the black clamping connector in the upper left corner. Note: in this view the hard drive has been removed for clarity. 
    Snap the player back together and enjoy (hopefully) three or more good years of music.   



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