Friday, June 7, 2013

5.4L Ford F150 replace starter

  I pulled the starter out of my 2000 F150 5.4 L.

  1) Disconnect the battery
  2) Break the lug nuts with a 19mm socket and breaker bar or lug wrench.  Jack up the right front and pull off the wheel. Set the frame down on something super secure, we need to work underneath. I happened to have some old railroad ties, concrete blocks are also good. If using jack stands make sure they are rated for a truck.
   3) Remove the wheel well spash shield. This big black plastic piece is secured by five 7/32 hex head sheet metal screws and 4 or 5 plastic body panel fasteners. Now we can see the starter. It's just under the right side exhaust manifold, mounted with three hex 13mm hex head bolts two on top and one underneath. We'll take out the top ones first.

 4) This top outer bolt is easy to remove with the right tools. I used a 13mm 3/8" socket with a swivel adapter, a six inch extension bar,a three inch extension bar, a 3/8 to 1/2 inch drive adapter and a 1/2 inch ratchet. This gave me the turning range and torque I needed to remove the bolt.

 5) Use this same tool to get the upper outer 13mm bolt out. Now we need to get underneath and disconnect the electrical connections.
Under-view of the electrical connections
6) Pull off the red cover (wiggle it and it will pop off.) Use a 10mm 1/4" socket and ratchet to turn off the nut holding the black wire.
7) Use use a 13mm 1/4" socket to turn off the nut holding the red wire.
All that remains now is the 13mm stud with a 13mm nut holding a large ground wire.
8) I used this 13mm 3/8" deep well socket with an 3 inch extension bar, a 3/8 to 1/2 inch adapter and a 1/2" ratchet to unbolt the 13mm nut holding the wire.

9) Now remove the 13mm stud itself with the same tool as above. Hold the starter up as you pull out the stud, as the starter is free now. Now just turn the rear end of the starter upwards and pull it out from underneath.

Here's a video of the process:

1) Put the replacement starter in place from underneath and get the 13mm stud/nut started. Turn it in hand tight.
2) Move up top and turn in the two top mounting 13mm bolts with the tool arrangement used in removal.
Torque them down.
3) Torque the bottom 13mm stud/nut the rest of the way. 
4) Slip the largest black ground wire back on the stud and it's nut back on from underneath.
5) Put the largest remaining wire back on with a 13mm socket. 
6) Put the remaining red wire back on with a 10mm socket.
7) Snap the red insulating cover back in place.
8) Reconnect the battery.
9) Test out the truck.


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