Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to a fix a power window failure GM 2001 Buick Century

The power window is stuck halfway up, not a good thing in a rainstorm. Let's open up the door and have a look. This isn't that tough to fix.

1) Remove the plastic cover in the door pull by gently prying it loose with a small screwdriver.
2) Remove two 10mm sheet metal screws under the cover.
Remove the plastic cover from the door pull and the two 10mm screws beneath  it.
3) Unsnap the door upholstery cover by pulling on the top first and unsnapping the panel fasteners holding it to the inner door. Work down and around to unsnap all the fasteners.

4) Disconnect the power window switch by pushing down on the catch.
5) Now the inside door panel can be pulled back over the handle and removed.
6) Remove the plastic liner by cutting the gooey black caulk with a utility knife. Don't remove completely, let it hang there out of the way.
7) Plug the switch back in to inspect what might be going on with the window. In this case the motor was running but the window wouldn't move. The cables were loose.
8) Time to remove the window regulator. There are two 10mm machine bolts holding the window glass brackets to the up/down slider. Remove them and with a helper, push the glass all the way up and secure it with some packaging tape.
The slider bracket moves up and down on cables. Remove  2 10mm bolts and tape the window up.
9) There are two parts to unbolts, the window slider bracket which travels up and down with cables, and a motor and gear assembly that moves the cables. First unbolt the 4 slider bracket bolts ,2 upper and  2 lower bolts with 10mm socket and Torx T30 socket and a 1/4" ratchet.
The two upper slider bracket bolts must be removed
10) Unblot the drive motor with torx T30 socket.
The motor is out and now unbolt the lower bracket bolts
11) Pull out and inspect. Our cable had jammed. Further disassembly of the gear part of the motor assembly proved the cable was mangled beyond repair. A new regulator would have to be purchased and installed.
This regulator cable is damaged beyond repair

1) Orient the new regulator assembly as it will be mounted in the door.
2) Put the motor into the opening first, followed by the slider mechanism.
3) Mount the motor with the three T30 bolts.
4) Mount the slider bracket with the 4 upper and lower bolts.
5) Untape the window and slide it down until it seats on the raise lower slider. Bolt it back on with the 10mm bolts.
6) Plug in the motor.
7) Operate the window switch. If it looks good, the rest of the door can be reassembled.
8) Put the plastic cover back in place with the caulk.
9)  Unplug the window switch that was plugged in to test.
10) Fit the inner door cover over the handle and let it rest there while you plug the window switch back in.
11) Snap the door cover back in place with the seven panel fasteners.
12) Screw the two door pull screws back in.


  1. Thanks for the info on this window fix. My daughter drives one of these vehicles. The car actually runs well but the windows?....Well that's another story.
    Now let's see if I can follow your advice and actually get the thing to work!

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