Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to replace the oil pressure light switch on a GM 2.4L 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

     A large puddle of oil under the 1997 Pontiac Grand Am initially brought about a feeling of dread. Closer inspection revealed this to be a light repair. The switch that signals the oil light had sprung a leak.                                  

The job at a glance

  •  Tools: 26 mm deep well socket or channel-lock pliers.
  •  Materials: Napa oil pressure switch part number ECH OP6659
  •  Cost of materials: $14
  •  Shop cost for the job: $50-75
  •  Time to complete: 5-15 minutes

1) Find the leak. This is a sudden big leak. There are many droplet points on the oil pan and behind on the under frame. Inspect for the source of the leak. There is a drop of oil hanging on an electrical connector at the top rear of the engine for a device that mounts in the front cam cover. Run the car and look for the leak. I’m looking for a fresh drop of oil to fall. Rev the car a bit and check again. Now the oil is steadily dripping out of the connector.This is the oil pressure light switch.

The oil pressure light switch

2) Unplug the device.
3) Remove it with a 26 mm deep well socket, (have one? I don't). I used a channel lock pliers.
4) Procure the replacement part.
5) Install
7) plug wires back in
8) test

Oh, and make sure you clean up the oil slick and add oil back to the crankcase. Oil comes out of this switch in a hurry!


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